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FPI was registered on July 14, 1993 as a construction and development company by Mr. and Mrs. Mario and Anna Zaharievi. The first office of the company was located in Sofia, on 132, Knyaz Boris I str.

1996 - 1998

FPI completed construction of its first building in Sofia in 1996. After the construction of several buildings in Strelbishte in Sofia at the end of 1998, FPI established itself as a leader in residential construction. In the same year the company launched a unique project in the quiet Dragalevtzi area, located in the outskirts of Sofia: 4 single-family residential buildings with beautiful private gardens, barbeque facilities and playgrounds. With this project FPI introduced a new model of residential construction in Sofia: single-family residential houses in separate complexes.


In 2000, FPI successfully developed another innovative concept: with the growing interest of foreigners to long-term property rentals, the demand for so-called "serviced apartments" (apartments provided with cleaning and maintenance) in apartment houses also grew. FPI is the first company in construction and investment, to build and manage this type of apartments, thus entering the hospitality market in Bulgaria. Apartment House Sofia, opened its doors to customers in 2000 and immediately became a success story.

2002 - 2004

In 2002, FPI proudly announced the successful completion of its first residential complex in Sofia's Iztok district - 4 residential buildings and a second apartment house: Residential Complex Iztok. With the successful development of this new model of a closed residential complex that includes amenities and services, the company once again proved its commitment to providing high quality construction and its strive to improve the quality of life of its customers. In the same year, the Residential Complex Iztok was awarded the Building of the Year Award in the Residential Buildings category. Just a year later, in 2003, another building of the company in Sofia's Lozenets district  was nominated for the same prestigious award.

In 2003 the company bought the state farm yard in the town of Gramada and thus marked the beginning of its development in agriculture. With the expansion of the company's presence in the hospitality market in Bulgaria, in 2004 FPI opened its first 4-star hotel in the center of Sofia - Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel. This hotel is another success story, and in 2004 won the Building of the Year Award in the City Hotels category. Shortly afterwards, in the same year the travel agency FPI Travel and Tourism was established.

2005 - 2006

In 2005 FPI completed two separate residential complexes: Borovo and Bulgaria and opened the 4-star Greenville Hotel and Apartment houses. At the end of 2005 a 9-storey business center was opened, becoming FPI's headquarters.

In February of 2006, FPI listed its first public company on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange /BSE/ - FairPlay Properties REIT /FPP/. FPP is a company with special investment purposes and invests in the purchase of real estate (land and buildings) as well as in the construction and the commissioning of new buildings.

On February 14, 2006 Apartment House Bulgaria, part of the Residential Complex Bulgaria was opened and at the end of the year the company completed the Residential Complex Mladost, which consists of two buildings and a shopping center.

In order to continue its development in agriculture in 2006 FPI established FairPlay Agricultural Fund /FAF/ and turned its investments in Gramada into a modern base for its agricultural production of own and rented farmland.

Also in 2006, a project by FairPlay International once again won the most prestigious award in the construction industry, the Building of the Year Award. After opening in the summer of the same year, the Santa Marina Holiday Village in Sozopol managed to charm the jury of the national contest.


In 2007, the companies of the FPI group achieved a lot: in Sofia FPI Hotels and Resorts opened another business hotel -  the Hill Hotel, a second business center built by the company, the Hill Tower Business Center, was also opened. The four apartment villas in St. Ivan Rilski Hotel, Spa & Apartments in Bansko were also completed and by the end of the year apartments with a total area of 19.850 m² were completed in Santa Marina Holiday Village.

In 2007, FPI opened its first 5-star hotel in the center of Sofia - the historically significant Arena di Serdica Residence Hotel. Part of the most interesting archaeological discovery in modern Sofia - the ancient amphitheater of Serdica (Amphitheatrum Serdicense) from the III century - is now exposed in the hotel lobby. As a result of the company's efforts to protect the historical heritage, today, 17 centuries later, the arena of Serdica welcomes guests again.

On June 10, 2007 the company FairPlay Commercial was registered, with the aim to develop and manage the company's investments in the field of commercial estates: shopping centers, logistic facilities and office buildings.

On August 17, 2007 FPP was for the first time included in the BGREIT index of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

In 2007 other new projects were started, including the first logistics center of the company - Logistics Park Varna.

2008 - 2010

On January 16, 2008 the company FairPlay Constructions was registered, which inherited FairPlay International's construction business.

In February, a luxury hotel, part of the St. Ivan Rilski Hotel, SPA & Apartments in Bansko, was completed. During the same year, the first two buildings of Logistics Park Varna were opened. Also, the company strengthened its investments in agriculture, welcoming its first 450 animals in the dairy farm of FairPlay Agricultural Fund.

On September 9, 2009 FairPlay Properties REIT was included, for the first time, in the BG40 index of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. At the end of this year in Santa Marina Holiday Village apartments with an area of 10.500 m² and commercial properties with an area of 1.372 m² were completed.

At the beginning of the second half of 2010 the 1000th apartment in Santa Marina Holiday Village was sold, while towards the end of the year apartments with an area of 7.200 m² and commercial properties with an area of 280 m² were built.

In 2010 FPI sold the Logistics Park Varna project.

2011 - 2012

In 2011, Santa Marina Holiday Village reached 1,200 completed apartments. At the end of the year apartments with an area of 11.800 m² and commercial properties with an area of 1.117 m² were finished.

At the end of 2011 the dairy farm of FAF had over 960 animals producing 5,200,000 liters of milk annually. At the time, the fund was managing over 9.500 hectares of land - 5.900 ha of own land and 3.600 ha of rented land.

At the end of 2012 in Santa Marina Holiday Village apartments with total area of 9.700 m² were completed, 2013

By the end of 2012 FPI had constructed a total of 99.803 m² in the category of holiday hotels and resorts, 137.662 m² in the category of residential buildings, 19.200 m²  in the category of logistics buildings, 77.100 m² in the category of industrial buildings, 38.621 m² in the category of apartment houses and city hotels, 12.100 m² in the category of office buildings and 6.204 m in the category of commercial buildings. The group had reached over 700 employees working in its structures.

Overall, FPI had built over 390,000 m² in 7 categories of real estate.


In the summer of 2013, after an extended dendrological survey of the gardens in Santa Marina Holiday Village, amounting to some 75.000 m² of green areas, more than 380 conifers, deciduous trees, shrub species and cultivars were found to exist, including decorative grasses and flowers. For comparison, in other coastal botanical gardens in Bulgaria like the University Botanical Garden - Ecopark, Varna, with an area of 360,000 m² there are more than 300 species of tree and shrub species, while in the University Botanical Garden of Balchik, with an area of 65.000 m² there are over 200 species and forms (information taken from the official websites of the two botanical gardens).

In August 2013, Mr. Mario Zahariev, founder and CEO of FairPlay International was on the cover of the most prestigious Bulgarian Business Edition - the Manager Magazine.

In 2013 the company won two very prestigious awards from the Bulgarian branch of the international real estate organization FIABCI: the Project of the Year Award, FIABCI Prix d'Excellence, Bulgaria 2013 for Santa Marina Holiday Village and the FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Award for the outstanding Arena di Serdica Residence Hotel.

In 2013 FairPlay International celebrates its 20th anniversary, while continuing its growth with the further development of Santa Marina Holiday Village, continuous investments in agriculture and the pursue of new, evermore interesting opportunities.

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